Chicken Chess - GameDev framework

Hi there BabylonJS community,

Just sharing a small game dev study. Chicken Chess

All content in the game was using 100% cloud tools.
Model with Spline, exported gltf and then colored dynamically using the amazing BABYLON.StandardMaterial.
UI created in Figma > Photopea and to the IDE using the PSD scene importer.

I am in love with BJS :heart_eyes:! For over a decade I’ve been developing HTML5 games and always looking for the best tools for the job. As a SE I always struggled with getting into using big engines and tools so I ended up creating my own stuff (mostly code based) and since I found BJS I wanted to integrate it into my IDE. Now I did and I am so happy with it.

More and more to come! :star_struck:


THANKS :smiley:

Love that game btw!

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Nice! I love how web tools are getting more and more practical with time :slight_smile: And since you like them I feel you’ll love the node material editor Babylon.js Node Material Editor (

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