Clicking a button that leads to a popup

I am having trouble with this topic as I need two buttons and when they are clicked. One has a popup with a video and the other one has to have an popup with text. Basically I want it to be clicked and then a screen pops up with the video or with text. I am not sure how to go about that if someone would please be able to help me with this.

This thread may help - Open HTML modal on mesh click


Thank you! Do you know if this would work for Virtual Reality as well?

I think for true VR you need to use Babylon GUI and no HTML elements at all.

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Yes, and not “full screen” GUI. Needs to be a mesh (like a plane) with an Advanced Dynamic Texture applied. HTML can be visible in AR mode with DOM overlay:



I believe for doing just the above, you do not need an HTML/DOM interface (unless you are more confident with it). The BJS GUI for mesh or even the 3D GUI should make your day for this “simple” interaction integrated in an MX scene.
The only point is the video component that is not really a full BJS component and is currently lacking some defaults for UX/UI. Also the textBlock control of the BJS GUI is currently not as versatile as the HTML/css counterpart. It all depends on the styling and design.
In the end, I believe HTML/dom/css or the BJS GUI will both deliver with pros and cons. Yours to make a choice.