How to display a window inside BJS when I click 3D-Button

Hello guys,

I want to open a popup when I click 3d-Button, I don’t want to open a new window navigator, but I wish there is a way to open a window inside BJS and I can charge my video or image inside
here is PG :



I would create my popup-gui and make it first invisible.

Then make it visible on the clickevent of the button.

@Necips but I want to open another window (in BJS) and make a video inside it is possible ?

Hello Anes - do you mean a new browser window or a new GUI plane?

Some of my experiments may help you out a little. Haven;t tried video yet!

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Hi Mark, maybe you find my experiments with dialogs in BJS usefull. This is one of my earler versions: Dialog Generator with Excel and Babylon – Source Code

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Do you mean with “windows” something like this:

@Niceps I think that is really cool! I am thinking there is sure exploratory value in that. Well done!

@Mark_Quinn a new GUI plane and inside it I can run a video for example

@Necips @Mark_Quinn I want to create inside the callback function of 3DButton a function that can display a video inside bjs or image in a new UI (small window)