Clone other object submeshes?

Imagine that you have several objects scattered in the scene and you want to replace their submeshes… is there any chance to make that?

As far as I tried when I replace the subMeshes everything seems to be void.

Thank you!

What would be your use case for that? :thinking: Submeshes depend on the geometry data of a mesh, so copying to a mesh with a different geometry is not something expected.

And how could I replace the geometry data but keeping materials, position, references and so?

Thank you.

Check Updating Vertices | Babylon.js Documentation (

Thank you unfortunately it seems than having a really different amount of vertices introduce problems, my idea was to use a simple mesh as dummy and replace it with a high resolution one later.

Oh that’s already well-supported in Babylon, no need to roll your own solution:
Levels of Detail (LOD) | Babylon.js Documentation (
Progressively Load .glTF Files | Babylon.js Documentation (