Code editor as a part of GUI

Hi guys,

I am trying to find out if it is possible to include a text editor inside a babylonjs game gui, like a chatbox inside a mmo game. More specifically, i want to try to include a code editor like codemirror as a part of gui for my thesis project.

If this is not possible explicitly, is there a workaround maybe? I thought something like style an html element to draw over a canvas where babylonjs is rendering.

Thank you

Do you mean Babylon.js gui or any gui including hmtl?

Yes, i meant babylonjs gui. I am pretty new to babylonjs in general so I am not entirely sure how user interfaces for a game are built in babylonjs, i just saw that there is something called babylonjs GUI and i am wandering is it possible to show something like code/text editor with it?

Well it would be possible but not really simple as a code editor (even in html) is a complex task
Is html an option for your game?

Without code hinting ezpz. With code validation and hinting not so quick, but possible.

To what extent to do need the editor to function? Could you pull up a normal html element up as an overlay when you need an editor?

Have you ever heard of an obscure tool which I believe is named the “babylon.js playground”? And why are we having this discussion?