Code generator for Node Material Editor isn't correctly generating code for ColorMerger

When using the following node material and pressing the “Generate Code” button, the resulting code is not creating properly quoted values:
– actual –
ColorMerger.rSwizzle = r;
ColorMerger.gSwizzle = g;
ColorMerger.bSwizzle = b;
ColorMerger.aSwizzle = a;
– expected –
ColorMerger.rSwizzle = “r”;
ColorMerger.gSwizzle = “g”;
ColorMerger.bSwizzle = “b”;
ColorMerger.aSwizzle = “a”;

Thanks a lot for the report, I squizzed the fix in my current open PR createTexture onLoad callback passes the texture as arguments by sebavan · Pull Request #12674 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

It should be in tomorrow.