Collision detection between unknown models

I need to achieve such a linkage effect in the scene by clicking on the floor, then pulling the camera position, and hiding the selected model above. Is it necessary to judge the collision or what

Same subject here with answers. I think this one can be closed.

The problem of meshcollision

I’m sorry, but I’m in a hurry, and no one has replied to me. This function is very important to me

You must be patient. People will not respond faster because you are in a hurry. Continue on the same post rather than recreating another one. Show your research and get more help if people are able to help you. Sometimes people do not have answers, they do not know or do not understand. Just rephrase your questions rather than multiply the posts with the same thing.

I do not even know what to answer for your problem because I do not understand.
Your question is certainly not clear enough.

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I would like to send a video, but this does not support, I have said the problem is very clear, but this translation is really…Alas!It is a long story

I can upload a zip file, which is a function I need to implement, if you are interested, you can have a look