Collision detection working only 1 way

Hey, so I’m having some trouble with the checkCollisions property.

I’ve set up a scene in a room and set up the collision on the camera with the ellipsoid property and checkCollisions true.

I’ve set un a mesh that’s the window of the building which is a flat transparent plane with checkCollisions true.

As the camera hits the plane it slows down, slides a bit and goes through slowly. What I don’t understand is why when I try the same thing from the either side I can’t reproduce it. There it works fine, so why does the collision only properly work on one side of the mesh?

Any help is appreciated!

The example would be helpful.
What I can say at the moment - check if all normals are correct.

It does seem like that is the problem, thanks for the help!

If you use .glb or .gltf-file you might want to check if your root-mesh has negative scaling, i think it was scaling.z? Then try to set scene.useRightHandedSystem = true.

Another way this issue occurs is if your speed (camera) is too high in comparison to your mesh size, from your front perspective.

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