Collisions fail in Oimo

Hi! I’m using the latest babylon and Oimo.js library. I have a torus object with a physicsImpostor and a ground with an impostor. I’m throwing the disc by calling applyImpulse at the ground. If the ground is made as usually - with a plane - approximately half the times the disc just goes through the ground. When I change the ground to a box, the disc doesn’t go through, but it dives into the cube then gets pushed back. Why is it happening?

Hi! A playground for this would be awesome. Do babylon and oimo share the same canvas?

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Do you mind sharing a playground?
cc @RaananW

As the wonderful people before me said - a playground would be great. My assumption is that your impulse is too high and it goes through during the step loop (which is when the engine calculates the next collision). If the plane is too thin and the velocity is too high, the object will simply go through the object. Making the object thicker will work, because the next step the torus will be “inside” the box.

But - just an assumption - playground will clear things up :slight_smile:

actually no need, this is the answer! =)

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