Colossum Studios Pilot Program

Hey everyone!

I started a company called Colossum Studios with @slin and we’re building a web-based game studio app and game engine using Babylon.js + webGPU. We’re starting a pilot program to gather some initial feedback around what tools and features the community values most. If you have a moment, we’d really appreciate your help in taking this game-development survey; it’s straightforward and should give us a good idea of what you’re looking for in a game engine. Here’s the link:

Extra incentive -
The first 100 people to fill this out with an email address will have optional early access to start testing out some of the key features of studio app & game engine as they rollout:

  • Map/World Editor that leverages powerful generative algorithms for generating gaming assets at scale.
  • Personalized 3d Avatar - soon we’ll be enabling advanced facial & body animations on top of what Avaturn provides
  • Optimized Open World Foliage Rendering - utilizes a very low vram memory signature, we think you guys will like this feature a lot.
  • Integrated Physics Engine - who want’s to see an avalanche running in the browser at 60fps?

Feedback matters -

  • Your insights are going to be key in refining the engine and studio app. The more detailed your feedback, the better.
  • Suggestions around improvements and features will be used to drive prioritized features once we add Animations & AI down the line.

Updates -

  • We’ll share insights and trends from the pilot survey here for those interested, so stay tuned.
  • If you’re participating, please watch your email for more details.

Thanks for checking this out. Your input could really make a difference in how this tool shapes up.


Love the emphasis on coding so far, we’ve got our priorities straight :joy:

Please keep it coming!

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