Comments refer to wrong vectors returned by method using ToRef

This is one example, there are several others with the same error in math.vector.ts

     * Negate the current Vector3 and stores the result in the given vector "result" coordinates
     * Example Playground
     * @param result defines the Vector3 object where to store the result
     * @returns the current Vector3
    public negateToRef(result: Vector3): Vector3 {
        return result.copyFromFloats(this._x * -1, this._y * -1, this._z * -1);

You can see in this PG Babylon.js Playground

that it returns the result vector not the current vector.

current vector {X: 1 Y: 2 Z: 3}
result vector {X: -1 Y: -2 Z: -3}
returned vector {X: -1 Y: -2 Z: -3} 

That’s an interesting catch. I would expect these function to return the result in any way (because chaining makes little sense when using ToRef). So I guess it is just a matter of changing the docs. Unless you think it should return the original?

Was wondering which way it should go. Happy for docs to be changed.

I am doing a PR on that file, shall I change comments to returns result where I find errors?

Please do. I see that as the expected behavior