Compatibility of BabylonJS

Hello there,

I have a question about the compatibility of the BabylonJS player on the different browser versions. Let me explain, my application allows you to create virtual tours of places. It runs on Chrome/firefox/Edge. It also allows you to download these visits to run them locally. But once local, firefox must be version 60.9.0esr, edge it works on version 17.17134 and chrome does not work locally. It’s as if 360 photos don’t load… I know it’s a browser compatibility issue but why does online work but once it’s local it doesn’t work anymore?

Hiya M. Sorry to hear about the problems.

When a browser DOES fail, locally, are you getting any errors on the JS console?

Also, could I/we have a zip of a local version… that we could DL/test (without needing to run a localhost webserver)? If you could provide that, it might help me/others. Maybe not allowed by your company, though, eh?

That’s the only idea I have, so far. Other forum helpers may have more ideas.


When running locally, browsers will apply security restrictions to prevent pages to read user data. This is not related to babylonjs unfortunately

Most of the time the best option is to run a local webserver

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I see, I don’t think so sorry It is confidential, but Yeah I understand why it’s not running locally. Thank you ! :slight_smile: I don’t have any JS problem in the console.