Complete lock up with 5.0.0-alpha.19

I have a 3 scenes which I had not run in a while. They are all using an IK pose editor / recorder I have made, but with different characters, & different objects they are “operating”. All the scenes were set to run preview. They come up & the camera rotates / zooms. When I click a dom based checkbox to go into edit, the IK controller & bone look controller meshes become visible, as well as a small GUI StackPanel.

After that, the camera has no response. The controller meshes are not drag-able, & none of the things in the StackPanel work. The check, which was used to make the editor visible, does work to make things go away, but the arc rotate never works again.

I dropped back to CDN / 4.2 & all is fine. Unless, someone already knows what is now going, will try to isolate. There are no console messages.

First, will switch to specific versions of 5.0, starting with, which works, & find the version that fails, and report some more.

Yep this is a known issue: BABYLON.GUI.GUI3DManager - Bugs - Babylon.js (

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Yeah, I got all the way to 18, & everything still worked. I am not using GUI3DManager, but that looks very close to the area.

Ok will be fixed by the next nightly (in a hour or so). Sorry about the inconvenience