[SOLVED] Issue with instances meshes exported from 3d max with delayed loading enabled


after upgrading to babylonjs 4 got issue with instanced meshes that are loaded incrementally.
If they are not fully in camera they start to disappear / appear depending on camera angle.
was working fine with babylonjs 3, but I recall similar issue already in babylon 2 :slight_smile:
if same file is loaded without incremental it works fine. Checked meshes in inspector but they have same props and they don’t react to any changes.

Will try to debug more but maybe someone have idea what to look for or hwo to debug this at best :slight_smile:

Thank you

Hey can you repro asap in the playground?
We will ship 4.0 this tuesday so I would love to get the fix in

Also are you using freeze mode by any chance?

Hi @Deltakosh, sorry was off for weekend, will try to check today and try to make minimal example

@Deltakosh managed to create small PG
to show issue, rotate camera left and right and you will see how boxes on right side start to disappear.

Same room but not incrementally loaded works fine PG

Ok I’ll check that

Ok fixed (right on time for 4.0)

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Thank you @Deltakosh, good job as usual :slight_smile:

patched manually my local version and bug is gone :slight_smile:

looking forward release 4

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