Complex Wordpress+Babylon.js projects suddenly broken

I have a rather complex babylon.js project in a Wordpress site here:
As of recently, the project has been broken with nothing having been changed, no Wordpress plugin updates, nothing edited in the babylon code.
Is this a Wordpress issue or has Babylon.js changed recently?
I have other projects with the same combination, Wordpress+Babylon.js, none of them now working, although worked a couple of months back without issue.
The example above is the only one that even loads the project, the rest are just blank.
But the project had buttons along the edges for switching between solid and see-though versions, a 360 cubic background, hotspots for labels and highlighting. Now just the basic model which isn’t even rotating correctly around the model itself.
Any clue?

Your projects are loading incompatibles versions of the libraries:


they should either all be from preview or all form cdn, I would advise to use them all from preview.