Error Loading the Model - Wordpress/Web

This is the wordpress version of the plugin.

I have just started to receive this error, can someone please assist in a prompt resolution. The model was working fine previously with no changes on my part

Update: I can drag the same model into the babylon viewer and everything works fine. I then exported that model from babylon as a glb and used the new glb - still receiving the same error. I have checked all permissions on hosting, no resolution
Update: When using the demo glb file provided by Babylon… the 3d model loads fine

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It seems the error is not in Babylon:
It’s in a lib called zim.

Maybe you should ask support on the Wordpress side from the people that developped the Wordpress version of the plugin?

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Are you able to ping him over here? I’ll send him a message as well

At my side, with clean Wordpress, it works - Testing Boots – Babylon.js 3D WordPress Plugin

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I don’t think we have any link with the people creating the plugin. Pinging @Deltakosh in case he would know.

Interesting, I appreciate your thorough diagnosis for me. I will conduct some further testing and narrow this down for you in case this happens to anyone else

Another interesting update. Is that ALL 3D .glb plugins are resulting in the same issue

I would strongly recommend to keep your Wordress installation as clean as possible and use only those plugins which you really need. In your case there is definitely some plugins/js conflict.

Also, I always recommend to all Wordpress users to create backups before they install any new plugins.

And, finally, I recommend to use fresh clean localhost Wordpress version to test (and repeat if possible) the problem.

@Evgeni_Popov I do developed this plugin for Wordpress, but as we see, the problem is not with plugin itself, the problem is connected with Wordpress and some conflicts between numerous plugins.

Thank you for this clarification. Within seconds I was able to allocate plugins (that are note even compatible with my current version - but were necessary for a 12 hour promo we were running) - that was causing a conflict. I deactivated all other plugins from that page with FreeSoul - but apparently that is not a proper solution to resolving conflicts

For your own curiosity. The 3 plugins that were conflicting were all from “WHA” - very old interactive plugins.

The models still will not render on my site because I need the conflicting plugins on for the next 12 hours


In positivity however, I did get off V1 of your plugin and update to V3. Thank you again for your avid devotion to the community

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Ah ok, good to know, thanks :slight_smile: !

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We have same isue, and from our part noting changed and updated and 3d stop working showing “Error loading the model” Any help will be apriciated.

Hello @GhostRacon!
Could you tell a bit more info about your problem or maybe share the link?
Usually such problems are related to Wordpress or filesystem settings.

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Ty for fast replay. Same problem show on Babylon.js 3D WordPress Plugin – 3D is the Future of the Web
Plugin dosent show on your pages as well.
Page is not online so no link avaliable but i share same error on babylon page

The problem at my testing page Framing testing – Babylon.js 3D WordPress Plugin is that GLTF model gives 404 error since it is unavailable anymore.

I don’t see any problems at other Babylon Viewer pages at Babylon.js 3D WordPress Plugin – 3D is the Future of the Web or here - Testing BabylonPress 3D Suite – BabylonPress

So, the first thing to check is to open the console and see error messages. Check if you can open the model with the link which you provide to the viewer.

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Thank you. We didn’t change anything, which suddenly stopped working, we also tried to reinstall the plug-in but without success. It shows me these errors I am attaching in the picture.

The first thing to check when you have 404 errors - is to try to open the problem link and see if it works and, if not, why it doesn’t work.
So I would recommend to check the URL of your GLB model. From console messages it is evident, that the URL provided is not correct.

It starts working again. Hope it will last forewer. Do u have any conntact we can chat private for extra options.