Convex hull / array of vector3's which surrounds a mesh

Hi team!

Do we have any methods/functions readily available to calculate a convex hull?
I’ve been looking around without luck so far, but thought i’d ask if anyone knew before i spend time on it

What i’m looking for is to create an array of vector3’s roughly matching the outline of a mesh

E.g. (the outline padding is just for visuals)

I know the different physics plugins can make convex hull shapes from meshes, but i’d rather not have to import e.g Havok just for this one feature :smiley:

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Not aware of it, I wonder what the usage be outside of physix

Working on some pathfinding with dynamic nodes and dynamic entity vs entity “collision”
where there might be e.g. meshes with odd shapes,
too many nodes around those meshes would be disabled with simply using boundingBox or boundingSphere.
And looping through all the vertices orbviously wouldn’t be performant enough,
thus the idea was some kind of convex hull outline of the mesh that could be much faster checked if a node was within those bounds.

so far i simply went with using a boundingBox, still debating if i should invest time in it or solve it differently