Bevel or rounding method

While ducking, seeing it has been asked before and realising this isn’t an easy thing I’m thinking asking never harms ( except for my reputation probably :wink: )

Yup this is pretty good to ask but we usually defer to 3d creation tools exactly cause as you mentioned it is not an easy task.

What I am wondering is if there are any js library similar to earcut that we could rely upon to “mod” existing geometries.

To start with for most polyhedra and polygons it would work to put a sphere on every vertex and then throw a convex hull on it (and ideally keep the original vertices as control points)
cc @carolhmj

I guess the question is: Who would use it?
In essence, BJS is first and foremost an engine. Though, personally, I’m fond of everything you can do within BJS for creation. And I try to make the most of it (at least, in my personal projects). But then, that’s just me :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Let’s face it, most people don’t care about creating in BJS. All they want to do is to port from X, apply a couple of twists, interactions and enhancements. As you say, this is no ez thing to do. Should BJS turn into a 3D creation tool? I’m not sure (and then of course, it’s not mine to tell :relieved:). But I believe at some point, this is a legitimate question. And has always been. It’s Simplicity VS Versatility. Features VS Reliability. I believe keeping with this balance is an everyday challenge. I’m just glad I’m not among the ones who need to make a decision :grin:

I hear you of course, but from an aesthetic point of view the hard edges are a pain in the eye to me.
Having a convex-hull feature would make it easy to create quick interesting shapes. And i actually think a lot of people might use it. But then again, I am very different from most users - not a gamer at all, but I always get there in the end … TONS of things to figure out still though :wink:
Thanks for giving feedback anyway @mawa, makes me rethink things which is never a bad thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Regards, Willem

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I understand. However, I was also referring to (the historical) earcut. I’m not sure just how many people really made use of it.

Well, I’m a hardcore gamer who never used 3D for creating games (only for biz). May be this makes me a frustrated non-gaming dev artist? :thinking: I guess I never dared creating or collaborating to a true game :fearful:. On the other hand, none of my clients ever wanted to pay me for creating a game :grin:

I will look into earcut - I thought it was for triangulation :-/
What can it do?
I guess I might end up with some personal libraries i like to use (rolling my eyes)
So much to learn still

Yep we always have to be a bit careful too to not add more than we can handle, as everything we add to Babylon has to be documented, mantained, etc… and we are a small team, so if we can defer the work to more mature libraries it’s preferable :sweat_smile:

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I hearya :slight_smile: