Crashes when the dedicated gpu memory is full

I now use the WebGPUEngine of Babylon in the web page to build a 3D scene. There are a lot of resources in the scene, which almost occupies the dedicated memory of GPU. Recently I found that web pages often crash, this GPU dedicated memory is full of relevant?

I’m sure we can do something on the Babylon side. It’s more on the browser/webgl implementation. Do you confirm @Evgeni_Popov ?
In the meqn time, aren’t there any technic that can be used to lower your memory footprint? like shader variation, instancing, texture compression? 12gb of vram is a lot :confused:

The 12GB footprint could also be due to too many resources being loaded inside the scene.

    "meshes": 288,
    "materials": 211,
    "textures": 259,
    "lights": 3

259 texture contain some 8k 4k 2k


151 million faces is a lot. almost 3000 drawcalls. This is not something you usually see on the web

Indeed, we can’t do much if the assets are too big for the GPU memory.

Do you use compressed textures? If not, you will save a lot of GPU memory and that could fix your problem.

So the reason for the scene crash is because the GPU memory is out of the cause

Next I will optimize my scene resources, compressing textures, segmenting loads, compressing mesh, etc

Or upgrade my GPU