Create a Mesh and Place in AssetContainer for later use?

I know asset containers are generally used for loading stuff from external sources.

But is there a way to create a mesh then place it in an asset container. For example I want to create four cubes based off of bounding information I’m being fed from an external API and stash those into a container. Once they are in the container I want to propagate them into the scene from the container, that way as my octree says they are no longer needed I have the container reference to remove them with.

The reason I want to do it this way is it will simulate the glb loading from the google 3d tiles API without downloading any glbs, I just want to see bounding information which is in the json without downloading the glb.

I know its kind a fringe usage but it should be possible right?

figured it out.

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Seems like that could be elevated to a documented feature!

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scene._blockEntityCollection needs to be made public then.