Create Your Own Toon Shader Video Series

So pumped about the weekly video this week! @Drigax kicks off a 3 part series, showing us how to create a Toon Shader in the Node Material Editor! Part 1 - 2 part Diffuse color!


Part 2!!! Add a specular highlight to your toonshader!


FUN FRIDAY - for the win!!!

Nice @Drigax and @PirateJC , this IS amazing!

Two-tone toon shader, always wanted to know those deets. : )

Not even done with Project 2, and feeling the need to build a whole new TOONWURLD.

Dont delay - HIT THAT BELL folks!!

:eagle: : )


Part 3! The final part is here! Adding a rim light to your shader.

Shoutout to @Drigax for doing this awesome series!


I’m such a geeeek! Went and got tha link. (roystan toon shader) thanks @Drigax (aka nicobarlo)!

You are gonna need that shader later. Why???

Because, I really believe you and I, are first in the Klondike. : )

A modern age rush for web cinema… yet to begin.

I have kids, they show me the future.

Because once, one person shows how, to make BABYLON.CARTOON.

With this awesome ToonShader… “cel shader”

… wave after wave of seekers. You will see. You and me.

That’s why - today I crush - BABYLON - every waking hour.

For the day we all master aToonShader and more.

It’s gonna happen folks. Get it goin. Hit that LIKE BTN.

#3DWeb 2020. : )




  • LIKE the GAME REVIEW! (that is cool - real world examples - well done).

  • Inversion concept (helps) Minus ONE (gives the the RIM - oh snap).

  • View Direction drives color…

  • View Direction FX!

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Haha. Love it !

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