Weekly Video: Add Texture to the Lighting of your Node Material Creations

Weekly Video Time! @PatrickRyan is back to talk about adding texture into the lighting of your Node Material creations. Can’t wait to see what you do with this one!


@PatrickRyan - lighting is favorite!

I also emulate moon light… on the other planet.


  • Max out specular cyan.
  • add in complementary color, orange glow (accents).

Perturbed Normals???

my life. yes.

Looking… this is really cool!

FANTASTIC! Can’t wait to deepdive.

QUESTION: Hyper Link to previous Video Episode?

Must’ve missed it.


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@aFalcon we dropped the link to the previous video in the description but I forgot to mention that in the video. You can find it here:

Basic Lighting with Node Material

We will have to go in and drop a link in the video player to it so everyone sees the link. Glad to hear you are excited about lighting and node material!

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Cool! Thank you. Makes it easy to study (much) later, when it fits the requirements.


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