Weekly Video: Node Material Progress: The Light Node

Time for another weekly video!!!

In this week’s video, David shares some updates on the upcoming Node Material Editor! Learn how to add light nodes into your custom shaders!

You can also play along with the video here: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#4I3SIR#1


Thanks @Deltakosh, the GUI is looking/working great, and your pride in it is well-justified. Beautiful!

Thanks PJC… for presenting/producing it, too.

Unfortunately, I am having problems understanding the words. I’m sorry if that is low-tact of me to say, and maybe it is a problem with my ears only. Would subtitles/closed-captioning be a pain to include? (cordiality hugs)

I also have some curiosity about the loads/saves from the NME (node-materials editor)… but I will ask about that in the “sneek peek” thread.

Sorry about that. I was genuinely excited to share my work and I spoke way too fast.

You can directly go to the YouTube video on YouTube site and turn the automatic subtitles:

This is far from perfect as even the AI has hard times.

I will do a new video soon and I’ll make sure to speak slowly

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:slight_smile: “Immoral removals”. I’ve done a few of those, usually after morning coffee. heh.

Noooo, I’m NOT talking about taking a farm animal back to its home - geez. blech! :cowboy_hat_face:
(Hey, comedy is a dirty job, sometimes, ya know?)

DK, if you weren’t such a superstar, your words would not be so valuable.

But truth is, you ARE a superstar, and every word you say… is gold, at least to SOME of us. I actually vacuum-clean Q&A every night, after hours, to make sure I have gathered every DK-made word/statement used in Q&A answers. :slight_smile: They’re hot!

I’ve gotten GREAT mileage/performance from all your words. They pay-off, every time, over and over. I use them… to pretend I am an expert at things, sometimes. GOLD! :slight_smile:

One exception: Deltakosh once said “Don’t let github scare you”. I’m struggling with that. :slight_smile:

Light nodes, huh? Interesting. (beard-scratching contemplation)

It’s gettin’ kind-of “nodie” 'round here, wranglers. “Node” is starting to have the ambiguity of “object”, huh? PirateJC was talking about IoT the other day… Internet of Things. In my new Lake Babylon “Smart Home”… my coffeemaker will be a “node”, right? My microwave, sink, toilet, furnace, water heater, AC, lamps, doghouse, sprinkler system, electric flag pole, car, and my DK-words-vacuum… will each be “nodes”, yes?

Or are they objects? Or are they interfaces/APIs? Or… sigh. Nodes, of nodes, of nodes, of nodes… I think I’m getting a brain tumor node. :sweat_smile::astonished: Perhaps this is related to “ontologies” (categorization/relationships of “stuff”… “sort-by” ops - yawn), which is one of the uses of an XML/SGML called “RDF” - Resource Description Framework. “Defining resources… for over 20 years!”

It’s part of “resource discovery”, which happens just after throwing the power switch on ANY IoT node - like your coffeemaker. Your BJS-based virtual home… will need to be told when the coffeemaker changes from not-available-resource, to available-resource with freshly-updated “state” (status) information… available from the resource upon request. :wink: (resource discovered - wake-up howdy-do handshake with all listeners who care about wake-up howdy-do handshakes)

Yay, internet-level Plug’n’Play! But watch out for folks who try to “profile” your coffeemaker and do targetted-marketing tactics at poor Mister Coffee. There could be a HUGE future for Personal Password Management devices. :slight_smile: Mom wants HER toast… light. Little Susie wants her toast, medium-dark. Dad wants it manly-dark. Everyone needs their own toaster account and password (login - sets prefs/options per username). Erf.

What’s the subject, again? Oh yeah, the new Light Node feature for the NM Editor. PARTY!

not sure the best AI at this time is able yet to translate your Gascony accent to english :wink:

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@Wingnut - Node based IOT??? Are you kidding me!!! I LOVE that idea!!! Oh man the possibilities of that would be endless!!!

But yeah. Security…


I wish it were mine. But you know… drill-able home == drill-able treeview, if not using even more-visualized methods. Scene-graph == real home-graph, someday, I suspect.

Off-topic, but… I’d be interested in hearing about smart-building management software, if any readers have ever seen some. I would imagine, at SOME level… it’s a tree of nodes… some being containers, some being end-points. I suspect an exact representation of a smart building… could be done with AdvancedDynamicTexture GUI. HTML , too… nearly anything that has containers, endpoints, and hierarchy.

@pirateJC, as you well know, the difference between lighting an LED… and switching ON the central air conditioning system of a skyskraper… very little. It’s overwhelming to try to grasp the wide horizon of possibilites, eh? And it’s almost inevitable… smart-everything is full speed ahead… it seems.

Oh man yeah TOTALLY! The complexity between various IOT “nodes” :wink: is wide and varying.

I can’t say I have too much experience with smart-building management software…just a few consumer grade things.

There’s obviously Amazon’s Alexa devices and interfaces which are very user friendly, but I haven’t seen any kind of a node tree interface from them.

Logitech’s Harmony Hub is another good one: Logitech Harmony Hub Smart Home IR Hub & Universal Remote App … though it’s aimed a bit more at the “Media Center” market, it has a nice way of organizing macros and tying events together…though again, not really node based…not visually at least.

The only other one I’ve had some experience with is SmartThings which I believe is backed by Samsung? Somebody should fact check me on that. It’s probably the broadest focused of these 3. It has use cases beyond the tech-savy consumer, into more complete offerings and support for a pretty big IOT market. That said, I didn’t get too far with it because it was a bit of a rabbit-hole on the software side.

I have no idea if any of that was helpful, but that’s a few to look at based on my very limited experience with these things :laughing:

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