Creating a ring pulse in BabylonJS (Visual Effects, VFX) (Shaders Question)

I am trying to come up with a VFX shader for my website and I seem to have trouble with making it. Here is the effect I am trying to create

Is there anyone who can help me or guide me in the right direction to making this? I used the CYOS (Create Your Own Shader) and the Node Material Editor. I understand the node material better but still not enough to recreate the pulse in the GIF.

Here is the link from NME that I started with:

If you can drop a comment on how to get this effect done. That would be helpful. Thank you

cc @PatrickRyan

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@jabulanikid, we did a tutorial a while ago which has a custom node material that does something similar. Here is the playground that shows a variety of motion behaviors for animating shapes and lines. The tutorial on YouTube is at Shader Fun with Polar Coordinates (

Let me know if this doesn’t quite answer your questions, but you should be able to use portions of the node material to mimic the effect you are targeting.


I can definitely do something with that. Thank you so much for sending that playground. I will go ahead and use that to recreate the effect in the GIF. That works.