Creating avatar from Ready player me

is it possible to load avatar from “Ready player me” and add animation to it and make button click animation to it in babylon js ? @Cedric

Hi @Kiran_Raj_N_V
I know nothing about Ready play me. Is it possible to export .gltf or export to Mixamo?

Ready player me has an export to gltf/b function which works well with Babylon. @thomlucc can confirm :wink:

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I allowed myself to move this to the ‘question categories’ for now.
@Kiran_Raj_N_V Once you have the solution and would like to share it as ‘a tutorial’ with the Community, we will both hug you for your contribution and welcome the tutorial in the tutorial section :smiley: Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

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@MackeyK24 did it for the unity toolkit and it works really well.

Yes, you can export a ReadPlayerMe avatar to glb and animate it with mixamo. Here is a playground example (it works in both WebGL an WebGPU): @mawa - I’ll be happy to do a tutorial and will post it back here this week.


hey @thomlucc thank you so much for the playground example ,it has really helped us . I have one more query how can we download glb animation file from mixamo ? i am finding only fbx file download available in mixamo. can you please explain the flow so that we can integrate in our application
and one more doubt should all animations from mixamo is compactable with all models from ready player me ?
thanks in advance

Glad that it helped @Kiran_Raj_N_V! You can use Blender to convert the fbx files to glb files (each have one animation) and you combine the animations in the code (using BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportAnimations like in the example) OR you can also use Blender to load the fbx from Mixamo and then combine all the animations into one glb within Blender (it requires some knowledge of Blender/skeletons/animations - not my specialty!). The step-by-step tutorial I’m planning to do this week should help you. Regarding your last question, it is hard to say if all RPM models and compatible with all Mixamo animations, but I can tell you that all the one I tried worked :slight_smile:

@thomlucc thank your for the help. It worked . Is it possible to play and pause the animation that imported using "SceneLoader.ImportAnimations " function ? Thanks in advance

Yes, you can play and pause the animations.

  • First thing is to get the Animation Group name using the Inspector:

  • Then get the animation using scene.getAnimationGroupByName (animationName);

  • Then you can call the animation.stop() or .start methods

You have an example in this playground:

@thomlucc thanks for the reply. Can you please give an example with this playground How to play and pause the animation by using this method

Here you go @Kiran_Raj_N_V : (thanks @bghgary !)


@thomlucc thanks for help. It worked

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Hey guys… Check out the technology preview for the Babylon Toolkit: Realtime Networked Ready Player Me Avatars


This is awesome @MackeyK24! Thanks a lot for sharing