Add animation(.fbx) to 3d avatar

We have an avatar (glb) file we are trying to add walking animation by downloading .fbx file from mixamo

Using the link i tried to connect the meshes and update the object positions but it was not working

Can somebody pls guide me how to take it forward


There is a lot of relevant information about it in other thread -

The following is the code snippet i tried
It is giving me blank screen, pls suggest the way forward

I have taken the reference from the below link

A couple notes:

  • You are using camera1 which is never defined
  • The .glb file you provided doesn’t have any animation groups, so getAnimationGroupByName(“samba”) returns undefined. You can see the list of all animation groups in scene.animationGroups
  • The camera radius is too far to actually see the character. I played with it a bit and found that 1.5 is close enough to be visible. Strangely, the mesh disappears when the radius is less than or equal to 1.0; I’m not certain why this is. Maybe someone else on here would know?

Here is an updated jsfiddle: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground

By the way, we recommend the Babylon.js playground at if you are able to use it. It is more optimized for prototyping with Babylon :slight_smile: You can experiment with a scene, and then save a link and share it here on the forum so we can help you debug.

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@vijay_krishna : I will take a look at your model, tonight, to see what I can do. One issue I know that I will run into is that different Mixamo models have different numbers of bones 63-67 from my recollection.

Will see what I can do.

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile:

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@Darragh Thanks for the support, please find the glb file with walking animation added.

can somebody help me to access glb from remote location. Unable to access from google drive,
I am new to babylon.js pls bear me…


Here is your model at PG - Babylon.js Playground
(I put it to Github, see URL in the source code)

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@vijay_krishna : And here is your original, animationless, model with a walking animation.

Smart Lady

Which is what the original title of this thread was requesting.

Nice looking avatar, though quite a heavy cost on resources (textures). and Mixamo rigs do have 60+ bones which if you don’t need fancy hand animations is a lot.

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile:


@gryff can you pls share the source code, wanted to know how you are able to achieve this…

Thanks @labris for your help…
you guys have helped me in the hour of need
Thank you so much…

I did not use any code to create the animation - just used Blender 2.93 and Mixamo. using the following steps.

1 : Imported your glb file into Blender.
2.: Arranged the model so it was in a TPose. (Mixamo - gives better results with TPose).
3 : Unparented all the meshes from the rig (detached the meshes from the rig).
4 : Exported all the meshes (only) to an .fbx file (Hide everything else in the scene - make them inactive).
5 : Uploaded this new .fbx file to Mixamo, set the control points that Mixamo wants (see image below), then added a Mixamo animation to the character.
6. Downloaded the animated .fbx file to my PC, then carried out the the actions that I posted here
7 : Then exported as a .babylon file

Here is the TPose fbx file I initially exported to Mixamo :

Lady fbx - use as you want

So no special coding - just using Blender and Mixamo.

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile:

FBX in Mixamo



If you think the above is too difficult or time consuming, you could try this Blender addon if you wish. Not tried it myself - so not sure how well it works.

Retargeting Any Motion Capture Data in Blender From Mixamo

Blender Simple Retargeting Addon Update V2 Tutorial For Linking Motion Capture Animation Data

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile: