Using animation from Mixamo with Ready Player Me Avatar


I am currently trying to re-target animation from Mixamo to Ready Player Me avatar
The steps are:

  1. download avatar.glb from
  2. import the glb file to blender, export it as fbx
  3. upload the fbx to Mixamo, apply some animations, download the fbx files
  4. import + merge some animation into blender, export as animation.glb
  5. in the babylon, try to re-target animation from animation.glb to avatar.glb

Unfortunately, the animation is not correct, the arms and legs are not moving, any idea why ?
This is the playground I made

Thank you

cc @bghgary who is the king of gltf skeletons :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome!

Here are some examples with RPM animations imported separately and then applied to avatar with no animation:

Avatar preparation could be tricky in Blender for the first time, I think I’ll make a separate post how to do it.


Thank you labris

I was following instructions from Animating Characters | Babylon.js Documentation
looks like it doesn’t work with

let me know if you have made the post

Thank you