Using animation from Mixamo with Ready Player Me Avatar


I am currently trying to re-target animation from Mixamo to Ready Player Me avatar
The steps are:

  1. download avatar.glb from
  2. import the glb file to blender, export it as fbx
  3. upload the fbx to Mixamo, apply some animations, download the fbx files
  4. import + merge some animation into blender, export as animation.glb
  5. in the babylon, try to re-target animation from animation.glb to avatar.glb

Unfortunately, the animation is not correct, the arms and legs are not moving, any idea why ?
This is the playground I made

Thank you

cc @bghgary who is the king of gltf skeletons :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome!

Here are some examples with RPM animations imported separately and then applied to avatar with no animation:

Avatar preparation could be tricky in Blender for the first time, I think I’ll make a separate post how to do it.


Thank you labris

I was following instructions from Animating Characters | Babylon.js Documentation
looks like it doesn’t work with

let me know if you have made the post

Thank you

Hi labris, thx so much for this answer, it was very helpful.
I wonder if you wrote that post explaining how to prepare the animations for the rpm avatars using mixamo and blender.
I would like to add more animations to the file you used (RPM_Anime_Combined.glb), I already download the turn and strafe animation that was missing in that file.


I’ll do it soon, need to check some points :slight_smile:

You can do save your animation file from Blender as separate GLB and add it to avatar.
The simplest way to try it is Inspector.

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Thx, for the quick answer.
I’m trying to import the animations from glb (exported from blender using the .fbx files from mixamo anims) into the avatar, but the inspector only accept json files :thinking: