Crystalline Bliss - Public Beta

So I’ve been working on some performance improvements for Crystalline Bliss and adding new levels. Hopefully this weekend I will complete the improvements to the computer players.
Next week I will have an updated version with some of these levels posted.
But some of them will be Steam only as they can only unlocked via completing achievements.

The ultimate plan is there will be a set of levels that are dimensions from Dream Space Infinite and it will eventually tie into a story mode. While outside of that there will be other levels that are just cool worlds.

Ether Ocean

Grass Field

Grid Spaces

Comes in three other colors.

Unlockable Spaces





Also recently I was pulled into another project from Matt at Bitreel. I am going to be helping a team build an AR/VR game for Niantic’s new platform 8th wall using Babylon. It will be fun. Hopefully next year as well I will be able to show off a business/application I am building with Babylon for the wood working industry.

Thanks again everyone!


Your update are always stunning !!!

Good luck on your new gig :slight_smile:


Woah, y’all working with Niantic! That’s super cool! I love the Ether Ocean level, it’s like a jellyfish forest!

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Yep and to be clear Matt asked me to come help with their project but yes I am doing that.

I’ve been busy the last few weeks getting the game polished up even more and adding some cool new mechanics.

New Look

I made a new skybox for all the levels. It is just a simple noise shader but it does really add a lot of life to them.

New Mechanics

The game now has a manual you can view. The gameplay has gotten more complex and I’ve got a few requests to add one.

One of the cool features I added was something called effects. Effects change aspects of the crystal sets that are generated. For example one effect will make a set fall faster and another one will turn all the crystals in the set white.

Lastly for game mechanics I added “loot” crystals which contain helpful items such as breakers. Breakers are an item you can obtain and use during the match. If you use a breaker it will clear all events and effects for yourself.
The loot crystals will have more use in the future.

Achievements and Unlockable Levels

So in the online version and Steam version of the game you can complete achievements to unlock levels. There is a section in the menu to read all about the achievements and what you have to do to complete them.


I just wanted to share that Crystalline Bliss is finally on steam:

Everything was finally approved yesterday and the game should be full available on the 20th.

Here is the official gameplay trailer:


  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Vastly improved computer player AI
  • Redid the whole UI to match the theme.
  • Fixed weird issues with controls
  • Fixed mipmaps and blurry textures
  • Added global particles
  • Added a loading progress bar with text

So the reason it took me longer to get the game out was first there was just so much more polish I wanted to add and second I developed another game with a team.

Here is a link to it:

Sadly we could not use Babylon and ended up using React Three Fiber. Was for sure a learning experience. Was so weird building a game with react components but we did it!

I also went to the MIT Reality Hackathon and made a game. Overall was a great experience. I guess I am getting into more XR stuff at least for contract work. I do other work with Babylon though like build product configurators and other things. But it’s really boning and voxels are fun so I don’t talk about it.

As for the future of the Crystalline Bliss I will be working on adding multi-player. At least networked based first then I will try to get local working.

Then after that I will be working on adding more levels.

To help with that I am building a custom voxel level/structure creator. Right now it’s literally just a react app that uses Divine Voxel Engine.

I will talk more about it later but it is pretty complex. There are different types of tools and many things you can do. I may release it to the public I am not sure. If people are interested enough maybe.

After the editor though is pretty much done and I can do what I want with it I will be making new levels/dimensions for Crystalline Bliss and starting a new game project called Headless. Headless will be about exploring a basically infinite house that bleeds into many different dimensions. That is all I will say for now.

Thanks again everyone!


DAMN! Congrats! What an incredible feeling this must be :slight_smile: Great job!

E: Wishlisted - did you test on Steam Deck? I’d like to support & buy when you release but I only have a Steak Deck (apart from iOS / Mac / Xbox… )

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Thank you! And yes it does feel great. I wrote about two books of code to get this thing working lo.

And sadly I have not tested it yet for Steam Deck but that is the plan. The app is built with electron so I can port it to all platforms. I am going to roll out one platform out at a time just to make sure they all work properly. Right now just for release I am doing just windows. I will see if anyone has any critical bugs and then move onto linux and Steam Deck. I think it would be a great game for the Steam Deck so I really want to make it happen.

Haha I bet, it’s the will to finish and deliver that’s amazing and rare! :slight_smile:

If you’re using Electron then it’s just a matter of using the maker-zip and having a build run in GitHub Actions using Ubuntu. maker-zip will make a build for whatever platform it runs on without 0 configuration, it’s pretty awesome (but maybe you already know / use that :slight_smile: ). I can help you test if you wish, all is needed is for the binary from the zip to be added as a non-steam game (that’s how I am testing my game atm, I don’t yet want to shill $100 to valve :D)

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All right cool. If you want to test a copy give me a day or so and I will see if I can put together a copy for steam deck. I will DM you.
I was just trying to build things locally using ubuntu on windows but ran into a few errors so I will try the github one again.

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Ok awesome - let me know! :slight_smile: