Crystalline Bliss - Public Beta

I am happy to finally announce my first official game made with BabylonJS and my voxel engine.
Please note this will only work in a chromium based browser currently.

Crystalline Bliss is a unique 3D puzzle game that takes place inside a voxel world. It is a modern retro game with its own atmosphere.

The rules of the game are simple.

  • You need to create a connection of at least 8 of the same color to clear crystals.
  • The white, crimson, indigo, and cyan crystals can be used with any other crystal.
  • The black crystals can only be cleared by getting a connection on top of them.
  • When popped in a connection the crimson, indigo, and cyan crystals will trigger events to happen to you or other players.
  • You lose when you try to stack a set of crystals out of bounds.
  • When you get 1,000 points your level increases. The higher your level the faster the crystals fall.

There are a number of events that can be triggered to either help you or hinder other players.

The game has two modes which are Peaceful and Competitive.
In peaceful you only get good events and there is no winner.
In competitive any type of event can be triggered and who ever is last left standing wins.

The game does have controller support for Xbox style controllers.

I will be adding multi-player in the future hopefully shortly after release.
The game will continue to receive updates as long as I am around. My plan is to keep adding new levels to the game as the Dream Space Infinite universe grows and evolves.

I have started the process of getting the game on Steam and it should be on there sometime in September.

As this is my first official release if anyone would like to share advice or has any feedback they would like to give me I would be very open to that. I am going to continue doing testing and fixing any issues that may arise but if you see an error please let me know.

I would like to thank the babylonjs team again for making this possible. It really is the backbone of this whole project.


Heyo this look sick and it’s multiplayer too!
I am on my phone right now but, will want to test it later on my pc :smiley:

From the screenshots my only advice here for now is maybe higher the light in the scene to see better. It look dark.

Voxel and BJS is really cool too! :sunglasses:

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@lucas-divinestar Ohoh :open_mouth: Getting an error: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: navigator.userAgentData is undefined (in $Init). Tried with Firefox (latest) and Win 10 (latest). Oh wait. It is working in Chrome, yay.

Leaving some feedback. Hope it helps:

When in the start game screen (where you select difficlulty etc), I cannot click the start button because it is covered by my task bar. Need to hit F11 to fix.

If zoom-in at max, camera clips through the wall (upper bit)

Unfortunately, fps are too low. So cannot really play. But from what I could experience I thought the blocks are sometimes kind of hard to see. I think it is maybe the transparency. Or maybe just the contrast.

An awesome feature would be some guide lines or ground highlights previewing where the blocks will end up.

P.S.: lol, I just won the level by doing nothing. Maybe the easiest difficulty is too easy :smiley:

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@Enkyia @Joe_Kerr
Thank you both for the feedback and ideas.
I fixed some issues with UI as Joe pointed out.
But now there is a full list of video settings to hopefully get the best experience for your machine and monitor.

I just got the steam store page set up and just finished creating the first production build this morning.

Thanks again!

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Nice Work!

A few things:

  • can’t access menu while in-game (to see controls for example, or adjust settings)
  • can’t pause while in-game (you could obscure the screen for no cheating)
  • Exit game button doesn’t work
  • in-game UI (score/level) tiny and hard to see in the bottom corner when playing on a large 4k screen, but rest of menu’s and UI look good.

Good performance playing on a desktop w/3080rtx and 4k tv screen. I did have some slight issues with color blindness but that’s just me. Like some the oranges and reds were hard to distinguish.

How much are you going to be charging for it on Steam? I’d pay 5 bucks!

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Thanks you David for playing the game and for the feedback.

I am concerned that you were not able to pause the game.
Did pausing not work for you at all?
If you are playing with a keyboard you can press “P” to pause or press start on controller then you can go to settings to view controls.

As for the UI being small on 4k you are right that is problem I have not been able test so thanks for the heads up.

Also thank you for letting me know about your experience playing the game as someone with color blindness. I will see if I can add a feature to change the color of the crystals to make it easier for everyone.

And finally as for the price I of the game as it is early access I am going to set the price to $6 - $8. Once the game is fully out with multi-player support I will set it to $10. But I think that is fair since I will be releasing more levels and music. The game at least now has 12 songs so basically a full album and will get more in the future.

Opps, didn’t know about “P” to pause. And that brings up the traditional menu I was looking for. Without knowing that I was trapped in the game my first try, had to close and restart. Missed it in the menu.

Just played some more but with other players/bots and that is pretty cool. Lots of potential.

So about the camera, while playing it’s tough to see the next block coming but in the menu with camera auto rotating around I can see the block source and just the whole area better. In-game the camera is very restrictive (or just too low) and I find myself zooming out to see what’s coming, then back in to focus, lol

Thanks for sharing the public demo of your game, it is inspiring to see real actual games being made with BabylonJS. How’d you do it? Are you a Solo dev?

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Plus, I remember @lucas-divinestar other thread (the one with with the Voxel Engine). I find stuff like that important since it shows us what is possible, where we can go with Babylon in terms of performance I mean. So inspiring indeed!

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@DavidL well first thank you for pointing out the issues with the camera. I went ahead and adjusted it a bit. The camera target is a bit up higher and you can move around the whole space like you can in the menu screen.

Also hopefully now the score boards look better on a 4k monitor. I tried using the ideal width/height setting to keep it relatively the same size. But right now I do not have one test on.

As for the last question yes I am a solo developer. I did have some help with sound design and input from friends. The voice of the announcer is a good friend of mine and the sound designer for the game.
As for the music, art, and the voxel world, all of that I made. Would really take me a long time to explain how the worlds are generated and turned into a loadable level.

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Thanks for saying that. That is the main reason I open sourced DVE, so that people would also be inspired to push BJS further and do more. But really I am nothing special, I just did what I did to make it work lol.
I do have plans for future of DVE that will keep pushing it to the limit.
I guess one of the reasons I made this game is because I want to show that DVE can actually be used to make any type of game.

But anyway beyond that this game takes place inside my larger project Dream Space Infinite. So, they will grow and evolve together. I basically spent years building a solid foundation to build an infinite universe on.

And I am just going to link to DVE incase anyone wants to see the voxel engine: GitHub - Divine-Star-Software/DivineVoxelEngine: Divine Voxel Engine is a TypeScript Voxel Engine - Uses Babylon.js

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Oh no, you broke it! It was better before I started helping, here’s a screenshot I just took with the newly broken controls. Lol (not literally broken, but more like a plain archRotateCamera)

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Well I am not sure if you really mean it was better before or not. But at least since I changed I think it is a bit better and lets see the all of what is going on a bit more.

Better as in it felt like a real game, personal in my one little corner.

With camera restrictions gone it feels like a fancy arch camera playground demo.

I emphasize the camera because the controls are dependent on it and left arrow is only left relative to where the camera is… You could add some upper and lower bounds for the arch rotate camera as well. (I have a PG if interested)

Open source on GitHub?

Just having a few beers and contributing to the community, really like what you are doing

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All right now I get it lol.
I changed it back to the way it was. Each player has a lower/upper alpha limit that keeps them in their corner.
But the target is still up higher so you can see the pieces better.

I do not have the source code on a public repo. I guess if there is an interest in mudding and adding custom levels I will open it up. The project itself is split across smaller libraries I made and other parts that feed into it. So, it would not be easy to run locally. Though most of the libraries that is built of I opened sourced anyway.

Yeah keep it private and focus on that Steam release! My $5 early access purchase is contingent on regular updates… Hire some freelancers if you get stuck but you are on track to actually make some money $$$

Best wishes, and again thanks for sharing, that is a super cool project you have there!

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I’m always amazed by the amazing stuff you build :star_struck: Tweaking the settings, it ran pretty well on the laptop I’m using :slight_smile:

I’d like to give a small feedback on two points:

  • It would be nice to have some kind of marking on the place the pieces are projected to fall. Maybe some kind of “glowing” effect? It would be helpful to make depth perception clearer.
  • This is more of a personal opinion, but there is something on the blocks’ texture itself that feels a bit too… busy? I like how it fits with the whole visual aesthetic of the game, but since they’re the main components of the game, when there’s a big stack of blocks falling it feels a bit grainy and distracting:

    Maybe just making the texture a tad less grainy and more solid.

Anyway, it’s awesome work and I’m wishing you all the success on Steam :smiley: And I love the music it’s very chill :slight_smile:


Thank you for your feedback!
The feature to show where pieces will land take me a bit but I did change the textures.
A few people have said they were hard to see so now they are a bit more solid. I think they look nice and hopefully people like them. I will have to change all the screenshots now though lol.


Looks amazing. Suggestion please, make a loading progress at the beginning, because loading takes time and make a user think that the game has hung.

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Really enjoy the look of the new piece texture! Fits super well with the visual style while being much easier to see :slight_smile: Sorry if I’m harping on too much on textures, but I’m thinking that a completely solid texture on the playing area would also make it easier to see :thinking: Or maybe there could be a feature to change textures of the pieces/playing area :slight_smile:

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It’s all good. I’ve been staring at the same thing for a few months so I kinda can’t tell if they are good or bad so your feedback is super helpful.
I went and updated to the textures. It’s more grid like to help define the game space.

It would be kinda difficult right now to add the ability to change the textures since the levels are actually pre-generated but it is a possibility I can look into.

Oh and I did use BJS GUI for the score boards/event line up. It was pretty easy to get exactly what I wanted so thanks for that.

Also just wanted to say I got steam integration working successfully yesterday with this awesome library:

I am going to have some fun and come up with a set of steam achievements. I already got a list but I just need to implement it.