FreeMazes3D, version 0.5

I have released a fifth version of my procedural maze generating and puzzle solving adventure game, FreeMazes3D. The big change this version is that I have created and applied my own custom, retro-styled texture pack to the game. Note, previous versions only used solid-color meshes. Now, only the skies and a handful of other things have maintained the solid-color look. As a result, the game is now a lot prettier to look at.

Here are some screen shots showing the new look:

Feel free to try the game out. This Babylon.js project is bundled up as an Electron app so it can be played like a traditional desktop game. For Linux users, a native Linux executable can be downloaded from my github and played right away (no installation necessary):

Windows/MacOS users will need to clone the project, install the project dependencies, and then build from source.


Congrats on the release !!!

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That’s so cool! I like the retro look, makes me think of that Windows screensaver~

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Thanks guys!

I like the retro look, makes me think of that Windows screensaver~

Yes, I remember that maze screensaver too, back in the Windows 95/98 days. If I recall correctly, you could even drop in your own textures to give it a custom look.

Wow, that I didn’t know! :open_mouth: I only looked at the pretty moving pictures :laughing:

As an update, I just released version 0.6. This is a smaller content-increasing update that includes four new puzzles that can now spawn inside the mazes. The game now has twenty different puzzles – many of which have different random solutions to them – that helps make each maze seem unique.

Here are screenshots of two of the new puzzles where the player has to take hints to help solve what would otherwise be much harder puzzles:

Activate the sound machines in the correct (random) order to solve this one (the device will give you an important hint to tell you if you’re on the right track):

Roll colorful balls through this odd machine in the correct (random) order (there are some hints for this that help make it not be so absurdly hard):

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