CSG Substract 2 extruded polygons gives strange result


I made csg from 2 extruded polygons to subtract, but got unexpected result.

Could you kindly explain your question a bit more to clarify the issue?

the result should be a capped mesh, not uncapped.

CSG can’t guarantee good results if the meshes have big overlapping areas like the ones in your examples.

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I change the intersection, still not right

I was confused about the polygons for a second, but get it now, you’re using an improperly extruded polygon. The shape should always be in counterclockwise order, you could still see a “filled” result then because of doubleside, but this impacts the extrusion. Here’s an example with a properly extruded polygon: extruded polygen subtract | Babylon.js Playground (babylonjs.com)


many many thanks!

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