Cube Mesh Disappear on Camera Rotate?

So I built this voxel chunk editor thing. I have this problem where some cubes disappear when the camera is rotated or zoomed. I’m assuming this is trivial and easy to diagnose, but failing that I’ll make a playground or something. Thanks🙏

After camera rotation vvv

Interesting. So without a repro I can just guess so here are some ideas:

  • Flag your voxels as mesh.alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh = true
  • Try to call computeWorldMatrix(true)

Idea #1 is probably the more promising but a Playground will definitely help


Yep, idea #1 fixed it.


True if the mesh must be rendered in any case (this will shortcut the frustum clipping phase)

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For posterity’s sake, the source of my problem was that I was calling material.freeze() on my cube meshes…

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Ha yeah good catch!