Thin Instances disappearing with parent out of frustum

Hi Community!

So I’m working with Thin Instances and I have a 5000 of them spread in a 10000 x 5000 scene. Whenever the parent mesh is out of the camera frustum they all disappear. Is there something I can do to avoid this behaviour.

Wasn’t able to reproduce in a playground:


Hello @SamuelSousa , how are you doing?

As you mentioned, the behavior seems to be correct on the Playground. Can you share which version of babylon.js are you using?


I’m doing very well. How are you? :slight_smile:

I’m importing several files from the preview edition in the HTML header.

I exported a simple mesh from blender to Babylon format then, I import it and leave it at (0,0,0) then I create a bunch of Thin Instances of it. My camera it somewhere in the middle of the scene…

Tested the code from the playground, on the local HTML, with the built in sphere this issue doesn’t happen.

I’m testing different models to see if I can come to a conclusion.

Can you try setting alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh = true for all your instance meshes? This should make so that they are ignored in the culling phase and always rendered.


That works!!!
Placed it only on the parent mesh.
I think it also runs smoother :slight_smile: