Disappearing meshes on mobile device

Hi All, we are currently considering switching from Three.js to Babylon for a large scale WebAR project. So far there are a lot of things that make this switch worth while but we keep having one problem and we are not able to solve it. At random intervals different meshes simply disappear. For example the windshield of a car, or we have a model of a rhinoceros where sometimes everything disappears except the eyes. On the desktop browser it works OK but on mobile, which is our main target, we keep having this problems and we have not been able to find any pattern, much less a solution. Any ideas would be very much appreciated.


Hello and welcome :wink:

Can you share a repro in the Playground? Babylon.js Documentation

When meshes disappear, mostof the time it is related to frustum clipping. You can call mesh.alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh = true to validate that assumption

Hi David,

Very cool of you to answer personally. Unfortunately setting mesh.alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh = true didn’t solve the problem. Sharing the project on the Playground is kind of hard since it is using 8th Wall. And if I bypass the 8th Wall system the app looks OK. Could it be a problem with the resources of the device? Although I have tried on different phones, both iOS and Android and I couldn’t find any pattern. Sometimes the meshes are there and sometimes they are not.

So maybe it is related with 8th wall sending weird coordinates. Could you check with them?

Still waiting to hear from the guys from 8th Wall, in the mean time I review again the console of the device and there is a warning that seems to be associated with the disappearing meshes:
GL_INVALID_OPERATION : glDrawElements: bound to target 0x8893 : no buffer
Could this point the to possible cause of the problem?

yep this is possible. Unfortunately without a repro I cannot help more :frowning:
The thing that without 8th wall the app works leads me to think it is on 8th wall side though :slight_smile: