CubeTexture wrong URL (extension) when using Base64 (since 5.0.0 alpha41)

after updating to Alpha 41 (and also on 42), the URL used by creating a CubeTexture for loading base64 textures seems to be wrong.
I get the error message: GET …=_px.jpg net::ERR_INVALID_URL
The extension “_px.jpg” doesn’t belong there, since it is a base64 texture.
On Alpha 40 everything works normally.

Here is a simple playground example showing the issue:
It should load the skybox texture containing a white rectangle in the center. Switching to 4.2.0 loads the skybox correctly, the latest alpha doesn’t.

Adding @RaananW as it may be related to:

Yup it was due to this fix, fixing the regression in the next commit

Corresponding commit FYI Nightly by sebavan · Pull Request #11007 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub


Thanks for the quick fix, I just tried Alpha 43 and it’s working again as it should :slight_smile:

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