CubeTrek - Demo and a call for collaborators!

I’m working on a open source outdoor sports activity tracker, where Babylon.js plays an important role.
See here for a demo: Cima di Fiorina - CubeTrek

I’m looking for some creative help on how to improve the visualization, so I created a sandbox-type repo to make it easy to get started: GitHub - r-follador/CubeTrek_Babylon

If anyone wants to engage, any help is greatly appreciated! Let me know what you think.

Btw, the full repo is available here: GitHub - r-follador/CubeTrek: Home for all your GPS Tracks: Visualize, share and manage your GPS tracks.


Hi @folli , I did a try on something similar to your project, using babylonjs with dynamic tiles map/elevation according to fov/zoom/distance. I have a post here : Trk-360 : dynamic trail/path viewer