Cursor hoverCursor on GUI not work


The graphical interface does not allow me to change the cursor with my own image.

It works with hoverCursor = ‘pointer’; but not with hoverCursor = ‘images/myPointer.png’;

odd cause I would think that “url(’./textures/grass.png’), auto” would work.

Is where it happens I think and that should work, weird.

It looks like firefox limits the cursor size to 128. This works for me:

hoverCursor should be set to a valid CSS cursor property value.


Learn something new everyday. Makes sense though they would not want a person changing the cursor to an image that is the size of a users screen for some illicit purpose.

Ok, so you have to do url (‘images / myImage.png’), auto;

It works. I hadn’t thought of that.

most of the styling stuff like that is normal css I belive.

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Yes, I suppose. Maybe that’s something to add to the doc

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