Custom inspectable properties, more

Currently one can do:

  • BABYLON.InspectableType.Checkbox
  • BABYLON.InspectableType.Slider
  • BABYLON.InspectableType.Color3
  • BABYLON.InspectableType.Vector3
  • BABYLON.InspectableType.Quaternion
  • BABYLON.InspectableType.String

In addition I would like to be able to do:

  • ReadonlyString, (or possible add another property where all properties can be read only)
  • MultilineString, (because we have some debug which takes multiple lines)
  • Button

Would you be ok to do a Pull Request?

I would, only I have never done that before. In an open source project. But with some guidance from my colleagues I’m sure I could do a Pull Request.

It is a good way to learn :slight_smile: