Custom Skybox PG/Example

Hi All,


I’ve spent today trying to build a custom skybox for a project I’m working on, and it took me a lot longer than I think it should have to work through the Skybox documentation and linked example to work out how to structure and layout a base grid/guide in Photoshop (or whatever software would be used).

As such, I put the above PG together, which contains a SkyBox as follows:

it links to a folder in a generic 3d-assets github repo I have that also contains the underlying Photoshop file should it be useful for anyone.

Not sure if it’s documentation-worthy, but feel like it could be a neat addition/example to link to from the Skybox documentation.


@jdp1g09 this is great!

Anything we can do to make it easier for others to learn we embrace warmly!

How would you feel about adding some of what you’ve learned to the skybox documentation?

Perhaps a Doc PR? :slight_smile:

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For sure - if you let me know where to pull the doc source from and any guides I should follow. Happy to contribute.

Awesome! The process is fairly straight forward.

Basically just fork the doc repo:

Then edit the markdown file for the skybox:

Then submit a PR, add me as a reviewer and that’s it!

Thanks for helping us to make it easier for others to learn!

Tiny tips: in Photoshop, using slices and Save For Web, you can export all your cubemap images in once.

(your cubemap remind me one i’ve done some time ago)