Procedurally generated skybox

Hi, and thanks in advance for your help.

I’m still on the hunt to create a procedurally generated skybox – particularly of outer space. I’ve explored a lot options over the past few days but nothing seems to fit just right. Is this possible?

I’ve tried generating a dynamic texture with a shader – but it seems hard to fit the textures together without distortion, and is perhaps even harder to do in a performant way at a high resolution.

This is an article for you: Reflection Probes | Babylon.js Documentation (

Hey @galaxyblur

Some Time ago I did one of that, which has a great performance, but needs more work to be good enough in visual aspect.

See its PG Babylon.js Playground

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@galaxyblur a made a parametric celestial sphere some years ago - old forum post and link here.

Only useful from a central vantage point though - if you’re moving through space you’d need something else.

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Thank you, I didn’t realize that this method generates a dynamic cube texture. However, it seems it will only do it as a “reflection” (via ghost camera). Is there a way to use this object with a procedurally generated texture? Or were you thinking of something different I can do?

Something like this?