Custom Vertex Color attributes in NME?

Using Blender and glTF, it is possible to add additional vertex color channels and get them exported - their name need to start with _ to follow the glTF spec

Application-specific attribute semantics MUST start with an underscore, e.g., _TEMPERATURE. Application-specific attribute semantics MUST NOT use unsigned int component type.

Is there a way to access these in a node material in NME?

I think you can but by code only by changing the name of the attribute in the input block ?

Hmm doesn’t quite seem to work:

This should work as you need to precise the type of the attribute:

Unfortunately webgl forbids the use of 2 consecutives underscores :slight_smile: so I wonder if in gltf they can be named differently or @Evgeni_Popov any ideas ?

FWIW: here is how it shows up in glTF:


I can’t see the MY_COLOR vertex attribute:


cc @bghgary, it seems we don’t support custom attributes when reading a glTF file?

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