Custom virtual joystick not smooth anymore

Hello everyone,

I was just checking my Babylon project here to see if everything was still working well:

But I noticed that the custom virtual joystick is now lagging on mobile device and also in the mobile configuration in develloper mode.

This is also the case in the documentation’s playground here:

Do you have an idea?
Thanks to you!

@PolygonalSun and @carolhmj could you have a look into this one ?

Looks like isPointerBlocker on the inner puck might cause it

Actually, it works by design lol

As you set isPointerBlocker on the puck, moving it under the pointer position is blocking move events until you move outside of it.

If you want to block the middle part of the controller you can do: you could make the green part transparent, I chose green mostly to highlight the trick.


Ok, my bad ! Thank you for your help !
Seems like isPointerBlocker didn’t blocked pointer when I develloped it last year so I didn’t mind this function. I fixed it and now it works again.

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