SceneGrinder fully funded on Kickstarter... made with BabylonJS

Time to brag a little. SceneGrinder was fully funded on Kickstarter (and still going). It’s a browser based 3D Virtual Tabletop… for Dungeons and Dragaons or any RPG… made with BabylonJS… and React… and Firebase… and blood… sweat… tears…several thousand man hours.

I would like to say THANK YOU to BabylonJS and it’s community. I’ve spent soooo many hours reading the forums and the generous guidance of its patrons (looking at you @Wingnut ). You are all amazing. The framework is amazing.

Please check us out on Kickstarter (SceneGrinder: Enhanced Virtual Tabletop by SceneGrinder — Kickstarter)… we got 20 days to go… or just checkout our site at

With appreciation and love,
Jerry and the SceneGrinder Team.


Nice :heart_eyes: Congrats on getting fully funded! :partying_face:

oh my!! this is huge

@PirateJC this is great for our twitter account / homepage :smiley:

congratulations – looks really great! :smile:

What can I say. Just let us know when it’s here :smiley: It reminds me so much of my early days of dungeons n dragons. Just with much better graphics and interactivity :crossed_swords: :bow_and_arrow: :skull: You really want us to stop working and just play your game, do you? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smile:

@jholmes this is AMAZING!!!


Just tweeted it out from the official Babylon account!

I’d also love to feature a “demo” of it on our community page on Babylon.js if you’re interested?

We’d just need to link to a playable demo of it. Do you have one you could share? No worries if you don’t.

Hey there… sorry for the delay… being in the middle of a Kickstarter means no life, apparently.

I will bring the demo thing up to the team in tomorrow’s meeting!

Thank you!

Thanks! Sorry for the looong delay in response… managing is a kickstarter is WAY more work than coding a project.

But… again… thanks!

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Hey there… thanks. Sorry for the delay in response. I keep typing this over and over… but the kickstarter is absorbing the life out of the whole team… will be SO glad when it’s over… couple of days.

But… thank you!

Great job, congrats. It would be perfect game for tilt5 headset