Debugging iOS Safari (is a pain)

This is not a question. Not even a valuable input. It’s my rageous comment about this piece of cr** of a browser that is Safari on iOS. After spending two days debugging the crap (where the scene would work on all other browser incl. Safari on iOS and Windows, I have identified a number of weird behaviors with this particular Safari browser on mobile. This is nothing related to BJS (but rather to JS and CSS) and has been going on for over a decade now. The faen Safari browser is nothing to compare with all others. I’ll give you two quick examples:

  1. Any miss in punctuation that would not alter the script in any other browser will make the damn Safari on iOS reload the scene (and next abort) WITHOUT ANY FORM OF WARNING OR INFORMATION.
  2. Any Multimaterial where one of the materials would not be used by the imported or appended mesh will make the crap collapse.
    Overall, the least we can say is that Safari on iOS is very sensitive towards all inputs (in JS or CSS)
    The thing (and this is no secret) also has its own very specific reading of the script, reading and assessing parts (functions) even before those are accessed. Safari on iOS is probably the best spyware available on the market but is also most certainly the most cumbersome piece of a browser available on the market.
    I really hope a guy (manager) from Apple will read this comment because I’m just so sick and tired of what you Guys have been doing over the previous decade (and continue to do).

i’ll just leave it here

Babylon.js/thinEngine.ts at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (


Maybe you should testify in the Apple lawsuit about their app store, where Apple argues that you can always use a webapp as an alternative. Sorry, to mock you in your pain :grinning:


Yeah, we’ve been having a brutal time with iOS Safari - actually Safari generally. :frowning:

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