Apple status on 4.1?

aFalcon spent 3 years making a movie in BabylonJS, proving CONCEPT WebCinematics

But, the final push did not work on Apple.

Again, just as last year with AppStores - finds the path to market blocked.

Want to put Stripe on this.

But I do not want to POLYFILL.

And I thought you should know.

Apologies. What I really meant to ask is…

What is the STATUS of BabylonJS on Apple in 4.1?

Can it ever be seamless OS?


Apple IOS is actually a wrapper around Safari it is not the same chrome browser which means the issues are lying down on Safari.

On a side not would be great to have tiny playground for them so that we could try to trouble shoot ?

@sebavan it is on

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Was speaking of smaller chuncks highlighting the different issues :frowning:

It is really hard for me to be efficient on bigger code base grouping all the issues.

But thanks I ll try to have a look


I updated the question to make it clearer. My mistake. Not asking for FIX.

Asking for STATUS. Please.

Unfortunately Apple does what they want and I have no idea about their timeline :frowning: The only good part is that they are working on implementing WebGL2 which I hope would solve a lot of trouble here.


There is a way to turn on the console in iOS on Chrome. Do not remember how, think it was a special url. Look it up.

Seeing the console will give you a way to see feedback / make you own feedback via console logging. Using BJS 3.2, seems like a big mistake for some of those problems. Do not know when skeletons starting using textures to report the world matrices of bones to vertex shaders, but could be after 3.2.

iOS allows only have the minimum # of uniforms from the WebGL spec. This makes the theoretical maximum of bones 32, but in actual fact much less, since other things need uniforms. If cpu skinning due to a gpu compile fallback, can cause things to be off. Adding lights might also affect uniforms.


Thank you. Great suggestions guys. Thanks for being here.

I finally make question better. Sorry. : )

Wondering of KNOWN ISSUES:

Are any of these known-fix in 4.1?

  • attachToBone (hand) INFO: ON IMPORT FROM BLENDER ANIMATION (old version)(sigh)

  • shadow box - shows inverted contrast - after add 3rd Light, breaks shadow.

  • the iris of the Hero… is PERFECT in Chrome WINDOWS, looks like ROUNDED ROTATION on Apple. Idk. (sigh). Not even Quaternion.

Straight out of (old)Blender - works different on Apple.

  • will we ever get 100% SEAMLESS OS for WEB? It’s 2020.

Been doin it for years.

Just want to build a movie once. : )

Anyway gotta step away…


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If you want to do it once, you should do it on the least powered device to which you wish to show on. That would be iOS, due to it being WebGL 1 & very stingy with the uniforms.

The stuff you list as issues, are have no meaning to anyone but you. You have not shown any console logs, so I assume that you do not even know if exceptions or BJS shader fallback messages are even being logged.

No actual data, no path.

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That is what I’m looking for. Thanks that answers the question.

And I GET everything mentioned.

I am not looking for FIX but STATUS and KNOWN ISSUES.

WebGL2 insight also helps. We will watch for it and WebGPU.

NetCinematics will look to RETURN to BABYLON after APPLE WebGL2/WebGPU/PWA (it seems) - if we are still in business.

QUOTE: hacker news 5 months ago

“iOS 13 seems to support WebGL2 pretty well. The rendered model looks really good. You have to enable WebGL2 in the Safari settings under Advanced -> Experimental features”.

Forced to leave now. Because product fails to reach marketplace (again).

I’m off to OCULUS QUEST QUILL (#quillustration), to VR Paint.

It has the SPEED of ANIMATION-WORKFLOW we need. We will make .mp3 movies instead for YouTube.

I hope to import to babylon runtime (or something), for GAME and BOOK modes. Then add Stripe.

Current PROOF OF CONCEPT - does not fit business requirements (on delivery).

So NetCinematics must pivot.

Any other INSIGHT, UPDATE, or ROADMAP on APPLE problems?



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Where did you read that they are working on WebGL2? From what I read there have been no updates on Safari in years (source: caniuse).

Just to relate what I experienced lately, Safari on both MacOS and iOS tends to run Babylon much slower than Chrome or Firefox in the same device, and that’s when you don’t use something that breaks the entire browser (e.g., postprocess creating non power of two textures, which breaks mipmapping and somehow freezes the browser). Any code that is not trivial seems to have a big performance hit, and I couldn’t find much about their WebGL implementation to understand the limitations.

I imagine that Babylon native calls Metal directly and should be much better, is that right?

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I am almost positive that BabylonNative only runs on desktops right now, Windows / OSX. Pretty sure they are just shimming directly up to openGL, as well.

I saw a post by Ken Russell, Google / Khronos honcho, that WebGL2 was being worked on for webkit a long time ago, so it could be in experimental enabled by now.


Apple discontinued support for OpenGL and ES, in favor of Metal. AFAIK there are no plans to have WebGL2 on Safari, and I’m guessing that webkit would need to be have a Metal backend to run WebGL2 in Safari. I couldn’t find any information about WebGL2 that’s more recent than 2 or 3 years ago, though.

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i dont know - I BE WEB VR PAINTER NOW!!! : )


Anyone else detect the CanIUse JOKE?

Since CHROME on APPLE is actually… SAFARI WRAPPER??


Shouldn’t CanIUse say… NO on Chrome (asterisk - becasauce Safari wrapper???).

This is why I ask. idk. lol. : )

this is why I ask …

What is going on with the “UNIFORMS”?

A second joke…

Here is how it is funny (to me).

So, we mean to say friends, “the uniforms are non UNIFORM”??

I get it. : )

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Happy that.

Same question about Babylon Native on APPLE.

  • yes, saw that.

Link above more recent. Who knows.

(noDoubt) ? status = undefined : null

let status = undefined || null;

Is that is the actual answer?


~: ]-.

Looking at the native repo, which is quickly changing, they are using the repo GitHub - bkaradzic/bgfx: Cross-platform, graphics API agnostic, "Bring Your Own Engine/Framework" style rendering library. to perform graphics.

They also have an iOS path. No android listed as of yet.

This is not really a deploy-able yet. An Web audio is not available.

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EXCELLENT NEWS for @JCPalmer and @Deltakosh and community:

APPLE - Settings … “ADVANCED FEATURES” … “WebGL2” … on


In other words, I can CONFIRM WebGL2 turned on under “Advanced Features”… FIXES what we are thinking of as a UNIFORM problem and an attachToBone() implementation.

And in @Evgeni_Popov’s excellent link… WebGL2 is clearly on the list.

This is a great relief for us.

THE HACKER NEWS LINK ABOVE… appears to be correct.

(we also tested WebGPU - but dont know what to look for).

NON BABYLON ISSUES remain… some are lol.

Hope it helps.

: )