Define the 'world' in terms of the 'ground' plus the z-axis

I am new to babylonjs and I am trying to draw a container that contains boxes.
In my perception, the container would be the ‘world’ and that world would be the ground plus a ‘ceiling’ and ‘walls’.

I read some docs and examples but it seems my understanding of the babylonjs world and walls and ceiling may be incorrect.
So I have some questions:

  • is the world in babylonjs term in any way limitable or is basically a result of the meshes in the scene?
  • if I want for example to draw a container : 10x15x20 to contain boxes of various sizes like 2x2x3, 4x4x5 etc, what would be the best way to design this so I can see if the boxes that I draw ‘fit’ in the container or stick out?

thanks for a great library, I already found it great fun to work with, just need to understand some things better that I found hard to find :slight_smile:

This was very helpful:

I am still curious to the answer to my questions to get a better understanding.

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Hello and welcome!

I would say that ''world" is the illusion which includes everything what you see at the screen :slight_smile:

The best way to start with a 2D blueprint to understand positions and dimensions of your objects.
Here is small example of one big BOX (container) with some small box inside - Babylon.js Playground
I put a lot of comments there, feel free to ask more questions.

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Hi and welcome.

Maybe this helps you. It’s somewhat simple, you only need to compare their bounding boxes, which represent the size W x H x D.

I am not quite sure I understand your question about the walls and ceiling. But if you need to check the sizes, using extendSize i simple way to do it.

Here is some example of just… well, some walls etc - (seems that previous link was broken)

Move with WASD+Space

From reading your title I would note that in Babylon.js a world is better defined as ground plus Y axis. Babylon.js is a left handed system with y up.

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thank you for the input, it clarifies a lot. Not sure about the ground plys Y axis, I see now what I thought of as a world may be not limited at all, or perhaps just by the total of objects drawn?

@labris that is an awesome example.
Here is my PG :
What I meant with the world was what I made there with bounding boxes.

I think I can make what I want using that and the example @nogalo made.
Seems I need to read some more docs, your answers are a great way to explore more.

Thanks again, this is fun :slight_smile: