Delivery Derby - Our Ludum Dare 46 Game Jam entry

Hi! We took part in Ludum Dare 46 and used Babylon.js to make our entry Delivery Derby

You can play it here (mobile+desktop)

Our LD46 page is here

Here’s a trailer

We started from @Raggar vehicle playground to create vehicle physics (which are native ammo.js).

The artwork is programmer art, quite literally as we used CSG to make the car bodies.

Post-jam updates included the addition of touch controls and the usage of the Recast plugin to create a navmesh that the cars pick random points on to drive to.

Great framework! We used ES6 modules, the only real thing we struggled with was finding out the import paths from the documentation, does anyone know how to tell what path a class has from the docs without going onto github and looking for it in the repo?

e.g. Mesh is

import { Mesh } from '@babylonjs/core/Meshes/mesh';

But it’s documentation doesn’t mention this. Maybe there’s something we’re missing.


I had the same issue. If you’re using VSCode then install the VSCode Typescript Extension Pack which includes the TypeScript Importer and that will solve your problem.


Fun game! Plays really well.


Pinging @PirateJC FYI

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