Caterpillar Cowboy - Our entry for Ludum Dare 47 Game Jam

We once again used Babylon.js for our Ludum Dare 72 hour Game Jam entry - and it was a pleasure to do so.

You can play it directly here

Our ludum dare page is here

Really had a lot of fun creating it, was very easy to build the level in blender, export as GLTF, load it using the asset manager and then loop through the scene creating entities based on the names in the file.

We also used the Recast plugin to create a Navmesh and use crowds to path find in them (with only one entity in them due to time constraints).

Also used spatial audio to position the sounds based on where the caterpillar’s head is.

Really nice to use the Direct Light in an orthographic world as perspective isn’t required for the shadows anyway.

The caterpillar is a big long chain of ball and socket joints (using AmmoPhysics). The static world is a MeshImpostor, the moving objects are SphereImpostors. We initially tried a SoftBody rope for the caterpillar but there were big performance hits when wrapping a mesh, and it turns out a chain is more what we wanted anyway (although a rope slug/worm would be cool).



@PirateJC will love it!


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Oh MY GOODNESS! I just laughed for like 5 minutes straight! This is absolute GOLD! Hilariously funny, super fun and engaging to play. Honestly maybe one of the most fun games I’ve seen yet. I absolutely LOVE it!

The open tutorial dialogue and music are HILARIOUS!

@Lloyd_Henning you should be seriously proud!

How would you feel about me adding this to our website and also submitting it for consideration to be included in our 4.2 release video?

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@PirateJC glad you enjoy it! All made possible in the short time thanks to the documentation, Playground and YouTube series the Babylon community puts together.

Yes we’d be very happy to being included on the website and sure we’ll submit it for the 4.2 video.


Added to the community page:

and the game page:

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Love your game !!!

This one is so funny and nicely done :laughing: :laughing:

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Yes, absolutely. I’m totally sure.

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