Developing on limited hardware

hopefully easy question but not seen an answer yet (docs or forum). I’m developing in limited hardware and it’d be useful to tone down rendering to the bare minimum. Perhaps I’m missing something obvious but I can’t see how to do that. I want to turn off lighting, texturing, etc.


Hi tom_wilde,
can you elaborate more on your environment? Depending on your environment, there might be other things to do rather than disabling lighting & texturing. These things should work in any reasonable environment with close to zero cost. The kinds of environments that have problems with these features are usually very small embedded systems but these do not run a browser.

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Nothing too great but should cope nonetheless. Core 2 cpu, integrated gpu (nothing amazing but copes with OpenGL) chrome. Basic but enough really…

It’s an E4300 dell laptop running Ubuntu. Gpu is a lowly: GMA 4500 HD. That said, should be enough no?

Update for those who may need it - disabling compiz resolved my problem by reducing the general load. Surprised there’s no coarse options for controlling rendering though. Perhaps I’m just missing it?

You probably already red this in the documentation. Here just in case:

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