My computer getting hot. Any tips?


My computer gets hot lately. Might that be from working with babylonjs? If so, any tips for keeping that under control during development?
it’s a mid-range dell laptop.

Unfortunately not really as rendering requires a bit of Power resulting in more heat generated and summer does not help.

You could never the less reduce the rendering window to prevent rendering while in your code editor, this would help saving some cycles.


Hi guys. I find that… during development, using colors on mesh… instead of textures… helps. Also, temporarily using simple mesh… in-place-of complex mesh… improves speeds/temps, too. Learn how to count the vertices of a mesh… and keep those counts low… during development, and wherever else possible. :slight_smile:

Reduce number of lights to single hemispheric with gray .groundColor, and turn off shadows, during dev/testing.

And although I have never used it myself, I hear that “profiling”… found in the f12 dev tools of your browser… is a great way to find out precisely which parts of your scene… are using the highest “cycles” of performance. After “recording” a profile of your program, you can examine that recording and see which areas of your scene… are most-hungry.

Lastly, a link, to our “how to optimize” docs. Optimize your scene - Babylon.js Documentation

Not sure if any of this… helps, but what the heck, ya never know. :slight_smile: